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Technical Difficulties with Speakout Voucher
March 18, 2018
8:30 am
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March 18, 2018

Currently, I have the $25 voucher for my Samsung and when I check how much money I have left using the *777#, it keeps on decreasing. I have not called anyone nor have I messaged anyone. I also have another phone that does the same thing. If anyone has experienced the same problem or knows what to do, pleases let me know!

March 18, 2018
9:20 am
Niagara Falls
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October 14, 2008

Decreasing, over what time frame? You have to be more specific. SpeakOut does charge $1.25/month for the 911 fee. Make sure you don't have data enabled, or you aren't on a value plan. Those things are deducted from your balance.

If all else fails, you'll have to contact SpeakOut customer service to find out why your balance is being depleted.