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Calling area code
May 9, 2007
6:41 am

From the thread I gather that you walk out of the 7-11 store with an already activated phone. Is the local area code of the phone number already set to that store's local calling area? Is it possible to buy a phone at a Toronto store(416) for example but to have a Bracebridge area code (705)for the phone?
If so how is this accomplished?

May 9, 2007
4:25 pm
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March 31, 2007

When you walk out of the Toronto store, yes you already have a pre-assigned Toronto number. But if you call customer service you can request a number change to a different area code. There have been a number of stories about successful area code changes.

May 9, 2007
8:09 pm

My Mom bought a phone today in Nanaimo and it came with a 250 area code... OK. But the exchange is 525 which is long distance; BC being a big province. When she took it back the clerk told her she has to see the manager tomorrow. Where is 525? She didn't add airtime ( it came with $5 ), *777 was her only call but it's definitely LD from her home phone. Another one of her son-in-laws great ideas.... Pooh. But in the end it's gotta be better than paying $500+/year for 210 min of airtime.

May 9, 2007
8:50 pm

What you could get her to try is call 611 from her phone and speak to the customer service people, they can probably get the number changed for her. I'm not sure about the 7-Eleven clerks at that store but they don't know anything about the phones here in Vancouver. I asked one of them if they had any phones avaliable and he said that 7-Eleven doesn't sell phones! When I asked him about the cell phone poster he was standing next to he said I would have to see the manager tomorrow.

May 10, 2007
3:10 am
Gopher Guts

I just love having all these links saved...

Click me: Area code 250

About half-way down...

250 * 525 * 8821 * Rogers AT&T Wireless * In Service * Merritt

They're apparently assigning all the exchanges to all the different area codes to account for all the extra numbers needed for those damn cell phones! :-)

My phone has a Surrey exchange, even though I bought it in Port Coquitlam.

Oh, and there's also:
Area code 778

Area code 604

May 10, 2007
7:35 pm

Man, these math problems are gettin tough... almost out of fingers and toes. :) Anyhow... this is a follow-up to my previous postabove. I called customer service and spoke to a nice young lady named Lisa who changed Moms phone number from 525 to a local Nanaimo exchange. The usual $5.50 charge for changing numbers was waived and it's all fixed. Quick and polite.....
I think the clerk should take a minute and actually call the phone number before scanning it. Both the girls where I get my phones have 7-11 SIMs in their Rogers phones. :)