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Review of SpeakOut with Nokia 1600
November 27, 2007
9:10 pm

I've been using my Nokia 1600 a week now and I wanted to put out my thoughts on this phone as well as SpeakOut.

My phone came free when I bought a 100 dollar voucher. Let me start with this voucher...It really is a long printed reciept.

I blacked out the Auth code, mostly cuz i have no idea what it is and it just sounds important.

When i got my phone I put the sim card in and it was ready to make calls. Started with a 5 dollar balance and about 4 bars of battery life out of 6. It took me 3-4 tries to get it to accept my prepaid card number. I wanted to put it in quickly because I was worried i might lose it because it feels and looks like an ordinary printed receipt.

The phone is pretty light. It's really easy to start using once u get it. One of the things I like about this phone is how the lights on the keypad go on and off when it rings... The speaker phone is loud.

For a few days I had this weird symbol by the reception display and it looked like OO stuck together...manual didn't say anything about it, and it went away after a few days.

I live in the GTA and the reception is good, not as good as a more expensive telus phone but decent. Also got a 416 number that i'm happy with, pretty easy to remember.

In the first 24 hours i had trouble with my voicemail. Their CSR wasn't very helpful in fixing the problem but they were nice. When i tried calling myself it would just hang up. So i set up my voicemail with my landline. I could now make voice messages but not use hear them on my cell. One csr asked me to turn off my phone for a couple mins while she sent some info into it. Basically she setup a "Own Number" which call modifies my calls to myself. But it would still just give me beeps and disconnect. The next csr asked me to remove all own numbers...which didn't help. After a day it fixed itself and now it gives me the call modified thing when i check my voice messages.

texting is pretty easy, so far i can send text messages to other ppl in the GTA and even ppl in India.
however it's difficult to receive online messages. I couldn't get facebook to work but i got this site to work. They don't tell u but u need to use +1areacode******* the 00 never worked for some reason in place of the + So this free sms site works until u run out of free ones.

One last thing about texting, maybe it's with the receiver's txt plan but when i txt messaged a canadian cellphone that was temporarily in the states, the messages weren't received until the person came back to canada.

The games on this phone suck.

I hear beeping before i get messages and calls. this has to do with the phone and not the service.

The battery is great, i authenicated mine on their site which really serves no purpose. I can't exactly go back and get a refund on it...

as a final point about the phone, sometimes the start menu doesn't show the clock. sometimes it just stays in color which drains the battery faster.

All in all, the phone is decent and the service is a good run for the money. i haven't paid too much attention to it but receiving txt messages seems free, haven't looked into who i can receive freely from though. I'm pretty much stuck with this plan for a while but having known it's limitations before i may have selected a dif company and paid a bit more to have more features. all i can do now is hope they impliment more features like instant messaging and web.

November 28, 2007
5:18 pm

pretty good for a free phone!
It's nice that the phone came with $5 preloaded.
I set up my VM from a land line and tested it. Went through the menus and it's great.
When not in use, the screen turns dark grey and shows the clock and the date. It's a nice little phone.

November 28, 2007
6:33 pm

Q: xlfe ''Next to the battery charge indicator, there is an indicator that looks like a pencil, or it changes to two circles connected by a line at the bottom.
For a few days I had this weird symbol by the reception display and it looked like OO stuck together...manual didn't say anything about it, and it went away after a few days.''

A: The "two circles connected by a line" seems to display if a voicemail is waiting to be heard. Looks like a "tape" symbol I guess.