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Can't Send Text Messages to Other Iphone Users
January 6, 2019
11:18 pm
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December 30, 2010

I have an iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.2 and my Speakout plan is the $20/month unlimited texting and 100 minutes airtime. No data.

I used to be able to send texts to other iPhone users when I was out of Wi-Fi range, but something has recently changed - maybe in my settings or after an update? And now I can't. I can send and receive texts to android phones with no problem.

The blue bubble doesn't turn green anymore when I am out of Wi-Fi range, and the option menu doesn't include "send as text message", just "copy" and "more".

I have tried turning iMessage off and it makes no difference.

I've changed my settings a few times since this problem occurred. My settings right now are Send as SMS is off, MMS Messaging is on. iMessage is on. Cellular data is off.

If there is an existing thread that addresses this, could someone direct me to it? I'm not familiar with this forum and haven't been able to find any answers.

Any insights would be appreciated.

I did contact Speakout support. They said: "If you are trying to send messages using iMessage, your account must have a data add on activated as iMessage uses data to send and receive. If you do not wish to have data activated, ensure that your settings for iMessage are set to send only as Text to ensure your messages are being sent. Also, if you wish to send and receive group messages, your account must have a data add on as group text are sent using the data network."

I don't know specifically how the settings can be set to send only as Text. I don't plan to get data.