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Presidents Choice mobile SIMs now being sold!
January 16, 2011
5:56 pm
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January 14, 2011

I didn't intend to be sour. The 7230 is offered by PC mobile - so maybe that is why it worked fine.

I cancelled my plan with them now though, even though they advised me not to (I'd been with them 2+ years, so had unlimited mobile web for $5/mo). I'll be with another service provider until they patch up their data services and then will change back if their offering is better than what I currently have.

I asked customer support if they had any intentions to add data and the rep told me he didn't know. *shrugs* We'll see.

Right now, getting unlimited messaging (+ pic + vid) and 250 mb data for $20 / month (it's unlimited for 2 months tho) on a prepaid provider, so I'm paying exactly the same as I was with PC mobile. Had unl't'd text ($10), pic + vid ($5), and web ($5). So... Idk. It's a decent trade off I think.

April 16, 2011
9:54 am
Victoria BC
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July 12, 2009

I tried to purchase a PC Mobile SIM in the Victoria BC Superstore and in two different Winnipeg Manitoba Superstores and was looked at as if I were crazy. The electronics area sent me to customer service in all 3 stores, and customer service sent me back to electronics.

They do have a small display rack with cell phones in all 3 stores. The cell phone display rack was beside the rack of gift cards and phone cards. They had tear off tags to present to the cashier to get phones, but no sign of having SIM cards there. The display of cell phones was in serious disarray at all 3 stores -- as if it had been dumped there and never looked at since.

April 7, 2015
7:48 pm
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July 22, 2011

Can speakout sim be used on PC mobile.
I needed to get another mobilephone line, but do not have any WIFI or data on my plan so i could not purchase a free telephone line from google play.
So i decided to get a SO sim card as they have the 365 days expiry. This phone will be just for international emergency calls + text. (I will not be using the sim overseas) My phones are unlocked. I still have not opened the sim of SO from the package.
But the long distance plans and text incoming and outgoing of SO i will also be charged.
So i was wondering if the SO can be used on PC minutes. Not interested in any plans but just use as needed. This way i dont have to purchase a PC simcard.
Is this possible??? please excuse my ignorance!!!

April 8, 2015
12:12 pm
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April 22, 2009

Presidents Choice Mobile is a separate company. Presidents Choice Mobile has nothing to do with Speakout, it does not even use the same network!
There is no way to transfer credit back and forth.

Presidents Choice Mobile is sometimes confused with Petro Canada Mobile, which is also a separate company that also does not have interchangeable credits. I never call either company PC Mobile because of the confusion issues.

Here are some things to consider with Presidents Choice Mobile Prepaid.

The SIM card costs $10, but that comes with a $10 start-up credit.

Talk for 20¢/minute local calling.

Incoming standard texts are FREE Outgoing standard texts sent within Canada, to the U.S or internationally are 15¢ each.

Long Distance rate (from Canada) is an additional 40¢/minute to anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

There is an added layer of confusion. Loblaws also have a Presidents Choice Mobile Postpaid kiosk in most stores, and it has nothing to do with Presidents Choice Mobile Prepaid. Presidents Choice Mobile Postpaid is in direct competition with Presidents Choice Mobile Prepaid, and the people that staff Presidents Choice Mobile Postpaid are very unlikely to help you, and are only there is sell you an expensive plan. Be careful.

April 8, 2015
9:21 pm
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July 22, 2011

Thank you Bridonca for taking the time to explain to me PC and SO plans.
yes there was some confusion and was under the impression that SO plans charge me for incoming text.
So the price for receiving and sending a text would be quite expensive so i wanted to switch to PC.
I like the SO plan for the 365 expiry date even for a $25 topup.

I have activated my sim after reading your reply - thank you and have added top up today.
Thank you for all your kind help.
p.s. i finally opted for wifi today