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Nothing to do with SO
April 29, 2017
8:02 am
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October 7, 2011

I just returned from 6 months in Mexico.
There I have an iPhone with a TELCEL SIM (Mexican cell provider) card activated.
Just want to point out how we are getting s c r e w e d by any and all Canadian cellphone providers.

In Mexico I pay about Cdn$ 6.50 for 21 days of unlimited phone calls within Mexico, to the USA and also to Canada. It also includes 300MB of internet and data.

For Cdn$ 10.00 gets you 28 days with 600MB internet and data plus unlimited calls in Mexico, to the USA and Canada.

April 29, 2017
9:08 am
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March 12, 2009

And in spite of these low prices, Carlos Slim, the owner of TelCel, is one of the world's richest men. Imagine how rich he would be if he charged Canadian rates.

April 29, 2017
9:58 pm
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January 18, 2009

The other side of the equation you have forgotten is he pays Mexican rates or less. He deals with Mexican regulations or not. He deals with one language I believe. Not much snow and ice in most of Mexico.
Greater Mexico City equals almost 2/3 of Canadian population.

I would like my dentist to charge what they do south of Yuma and elsewhere too.

Get a visa and get a job in Mexico that pays Canadian wages and enjoy.