Review by Kate: good value

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April 30, 2007

I bought the Nokia 1112 yesterday. Talk about easy to get started. It came with the $50 promo amount, and the $10 amount on the phone. Easy to set up the voice mail. Its for my husband who needs a phone for work. However, I think I might cancel my contract with Telus and buy one too. Last month I used the phone for 70 minutes, and on the cheapest Telus plan it still was $43.40 (how does that happen with a “Talk $20″ plan)!

That would be $14 with 7-11. And now I read above that I may be able to port my existing phone number to a Speak out plan?! I have about 9 months left on the existing Telus plan and it would be cheaper to switch over the long term.