Review by Kat: first impression

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April 17, 2007

I bought a 7-Eleven phone last week and have been using it since then without problem. I was a Rogers customer for a few months, but they SUCK!!! So I took my Sony Ericsson K790a and put the 7-Eleven sim card in it…flawless! It copied my contacts from the phone and came with a CAN$10 credit. PLUS, the real offer was a CAN$50 prepaid card (it’s a voucher with a pin number), so at the end the 7-eleven Nokia phone I bought at CAN$99 (not considering taxes) cost me only 39 bucks! And the Nokia equipment is still pretty decent, I’m keeping it for emergencies. Now, I can’t wait to have internet access! Since Rogers charged me up to 400 dollars for internet once, I wasn’t using the service anyway. I was another one who believed in one of those internet packages that are a rip off. And then they have the nerve to ask you why you are leaving them and try to convince you not to do so!!! I prefered to pay the fine for breaking the contract, long term, it will save me lots of money and headaches…Thanks for this site. Now, 7-Eleven give us internet please! You will get TONS of new customers after that! 🙂