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long-distance phone cards


8:09 pm
May 10, 2012



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I just signed up for a 7-11 plan, and I'm being sent a Nokia 1616 phone. To make long-distance calls, can I just get a calling card from the local store? Some of them have amazing rates. Thank you.

7:59 am
May 11, 2012


Niagara Falls


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Yes, you can use calling cards. Keep in mind you'll still be charged airtime while using the card and your SpeakOut phone.

8:13 am
May 11, 2012



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Yes you can, but you got to be very careful in what you are buying. You need to be aware some calling card vendors charge huge connection or disconnection fees to get that low rate. Some have poor quality sound, especially though a cell phone.

I have not used calling cards for a long time, especially now that I use skype2go, but one I did like was the President's choice cards. 3.5 cents a minute, good quality sound, and no shenanigans.

The nokia 1616 is a really good phone for prepaid calling cards, you can just save the whole sequence if you are calling the same number, like so.

put in the access number, then w then the pin number, then w, then the phone number. Some calling cards have different sequences, but the w makes the phone wait till you press the call key again to input the next sequence of numbers.

10:59 am
May 11, 2012



posts 5

Thanks everyone.