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Can't register ported number to online account


1:23 pm
May 11, 2012



posts 5

I have a question for those on Speakout who had their wireless number ported over from another carrier.

After you received the text message letting you know the number has been successfully ported, how long did it take to be able to register that number on SO's website so that you can start topping up the account with credit?

I ported my number over this morning, and I'll been trying to register the number to my online account, but the website complains the number is not an active SO number.

2:46 pm
May 11, 2012


Niagara Falls


posts 1857

A port can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days. I have seen some ports go longer than that. I would let it go another day or so, then contact SpeakOut customer service if you are still having problems.