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call from 1-800-672-7920 ?


11:08 pm
December 15, 2011



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Today I got a call from this number: 1-800-672-7920

I didn't answer it as it looks suspicious. I told my sister who is also on SpeakOut about it, and she got a call from the same number 2 days before.

Are other SpeakOut users getting calls from this number?

I don't give out my number to anyone other than a few friends, and I never use it to sign up for things. It seems too much of a coincidence that we both got a call from it, especially in such a short time. Could SpeakOut or Rogers be selling their phone list?

3:48 am
December 16, 2011



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I would be more apt to believe it is a cold call you got. If you got Speakout recently, the number you got assigned probably had some past history, and likely was added to some telemarketers list.

10:04 am
December 16, 2011



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I've had my number for more than 1 year now (we both have, actually) and this is the first time I've gotten a call like this. I googled the number, and found a forum where Rogers customers have been getting calls from the number recently as well, so that's why I wonder if it's carrier-related.

But it could be a coincidence. If other SpeakOut users get a call from this number, guess we'll know.