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7:52 am
May 27, 2007

Gopher Guts


CqCell said:

Peter said:

I reactivated voice mail after discovering that it's free to check from a landline (see FAQ #15a). Just turn off your cell phone, call your cell phone, then press # when you hear your message (it will of course prompt you for your password).

This does not appear to work for me with a US Speakout service. When I call my own number from a landline (with cell off), I get my standard voice mail msg, but pressing # does not appear to have any effect. It behaves as though I am leaving a new msg. Anbody with US service have any suggestions?

Are you pushing # during your greeting, or waiting until it's finished (too late)?

8:22 pm
May 27, 2007



I was pushing # and it does not work. It turnes out the correct key, at least for the US service is, * to get the msgs from the landline. It works.