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Time Posted


6:05 am
June 4, 2011


Ontario – using Android phone


posts 78

The timestamp on the posts should be based on the zone of the sender. I just posted something from Ontario and it's stamped 3 hours earlier ie. BC time.
It's no biggie, but if you're going to show the time it should at least be right.

6:46 am
June 4, 2011


Ontario, Canada


posts 12

I believe you can update in your Account Profile

e.g. I just type 3 (as I'm in EST +3 from LA time), and my reply time now says 9:46am (which is right)

Set your Timezone as +/- hours from Server:
Server Timezone set to: America/Los_Angeles
For zones in front of server use positive number (i.e., 4)
For zones behind server use a minus sign (i.e., -4)