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12:04 pm
January 4, 2012



posts 8

I would like to see a search utility for the forum.

I've tried the Google search bar on the site, but it's for the WWW; not this forum exclusively.

12:06 pm
January 4, 2012


Niagara Falls


posts 1857

There has always been a search feature on the site. Just go the main forum page: and you will see the search feature right under your logged in name.

8:46 am
January 5, 2012




posts 618

Other than the annoying ads at the top of the Google search, it should be returning mostly content from the forum, since there isn't much content on this site other than the forum. I find the results from the Google search better. However, that's somewhat subjective and yes, there is a forum-specific search feature as iamdrumming pointed out.