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Thank you SpeakOut


8:03 am
December 4, 2011


Niagara Falls


posts 1857

I just want to show my appreciation for SpeakOut, and give a public shout-out for all they do. This isn't just because I'm a moderator here :)

I have had a cell phone since 1989, and I can honestly say SpeakOut is (by far) the best wireless value in Canada I've seen. I have been with several companies, and it was refreshing to find a company that finally understands the wireless market, and especially the prepaid market.

As long as they keep the 365 day expiry, I'm a customer for life :)


11:48 am
December 4, 2011


Ontario – using Android phone


posts 78

I second that.
SpeakOut is a great service for occasional users like myself.
It's the 365-day-expiry that keeps me here as well.

I have 2 phones on SO now and I've just added the unlimited "browser" service to one line as well.
I wanted to try out the new undocumented "data" service and see how good it is, while it lasts.

11:56 am
December 4, 2011


posts 47

My only regret is that I didn't find speakout earlier and continued to give Bhell my money. Speakout has been a great service and has saved me tons. The main thing for me is their long distance. Calling anywhere with the same area code, all of it being local is great. I look forward to continue supporting Speakout, as long as they continue to offer great services.

12:10 pm
December 4, 2011




posts 768

Speakout is definitely the best in canada and even has some advantage over carriers in the place where mobile is known to be cheap, say Hong Kong.

I cannot find the UMB equivalent in Hong Kong(though per minute charge there is very very cheap and I have forwarding feature which is nice).

I just hope people don't abuse the new found treasure and use it as a home broadband replacement. Personally, I would rather have them keep the restriction but keep the price than to kill the option, like what happened in PC mobile.

1:20 am
December 6, 2011




posts 215

Yes! Thank you! Keep it up!

5:53 am
December 9, 2011




posts 30

I'd like to add my gratitude as well. I use a cell phone occasionally and Speak Out gives me everything I need. 365 day expirey is without a doubt the way prepaid should be. Anything else is not good value. Keep up the good work!

6:25 pm
December 9, 2011


Victoria BC


posts 126

I echo the previous posts. I found SpeakOut after returning home from dealing with an out of province family emergency to a $300.00 bill for a mixture of incoming long distance charges at 30 cents per minute and over limit minutes at 35 cents per minute. The calls were all local — however it was incoming calls that caused the bulk of the bill. My phone was based in BC, and I was in Nova Scotia.

The health care and other authorities I was dealing with also paid long distance to call me despite the fact I may have only been a few miles away from them. I could call them as "local", but if they returned my calls or initiated calls to me it was all long distance.

The two things that keep me with SpeakOut are:
1: the flat 25 cent rate for incoming calls wherever I am in Canada.
2: the 365 day top up.

As my way of saying thanks to SpeakOut, I have brought them several new very satisfied customers.