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Speak out 3G speed?


9:47 am
February 17, 2012



posts 105

Hi does anyone tested your 3G speed by speedtest?

my result are:ping:143ms, download:1813kbps, upload:356kbps

I feel the speed is pretty slow.

How about yours?

10:23 am
February 17, 2012




posts 768

I used to test it and was about 3Mbps/300K, not sure now as don't have UMB right now.

ping time on mobile data always sucks

10:58 am
February 17, 2012


SW Ontario


posts 72

I was getting between 5 and 6 Mbs down on an iPhone 4S. I can't tell you want the upload was as it never finished the test. The app apparently doesn't like the proxy.

11:09 pm
February 17, 2012




posts 215

Using a mobile speedtest…with small data I get 1.4 down. With 2 MB file I get 5-8mbps.

10:10 pm
February 20, 2012



posts 105

Hah, you guys are so faster than me.

3:39 am
February 21, 2012




posts 730

Your speed: 7111.111 Kbps
Your latency: 0.813 seconds
Transferred 2000 KB in 2.25 seconds

12:31 pm
June 6, 2012



posts 105

changed a new phone, my speak out speed is: download:7.72Mbps, upload 2.24Mbps, ping:84ms. So happy

5:38 pm
June 6, 2012




posts 768

similar speed with my 4s, ping time is still triple digit but that can be related to how many people is around.

3:29 pm
October 5, 2012



posts 1

best i've gotten is 6 down and 15 up

12:37 pm
October 6, 2012



posts 27

Like any mobile network from any of the carrier, there is heavy traffic times and light times. The other important part is the phone generation and what CPU it has. I been with Speakout UMB for 4 years and went through 4 different phones. The upload test is wonky since we are limited through the proxy so the result is not very accurate.

The iPhone 2G can't be compared since it could only connect to Edge.

The iPhone 3G is no better than the 2G even though it is connected on the 3G network. The Speedtest.net test result in sub 2MB/s download never go beyond that.

The next phone is the Samsung Galaxy Captivate i897 from Rogers. This phone I thought was fast gave sub 4MB/s download. I never really see it faster than 4MB/s. This phone has a single core A8 running 1GHz.

Now my recent phone is an LG Optimus LTE. Though I can't connect to Rogers LTE network, I am able to get as fast as 8MB/s on the 3G network. This phone has a Qualcomm 1.5GHz CPU.

I also had a friend run a test on an iPhone 4. The speed correspond to the same as the Captivate, single core CPU.

I definitely see a trend in speed with newer generation phone with faster processor. So if you want to see faster network speed (not accounting for traffic), go get a newer phone. I would not say a quad core will then double the network speed but there will be an increase.

12:36 pm
October 9, 2012



posts 30

Currently on a Nexus in Richmond BC area.

ping 357
Download 388 kB/s
Upload 1123 kB/s

1:31 pm
October 9, 2012



posts 24

Ping 117ms, Download 737kB/s (5.8Mbps), Upload not measurable (ie blocked) on iPhone 5 in Downtown Toronto.

Btw: Given that my cable gives me only 10-12Mbps I am very impressed!

5:24 pm
December 17, 2012


Langley BC Canada


posts 4

On my iPhone 4S I get
Ping: 219ms
Download: 8.31 Mbps
And upload doesnt work for some reason :P
And I usually get Full Bars on my phone.
Live in Langley British Columbia which is close to Vancouver (: