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Nokia 2720 died


10:12 am
January 2, 2012



posts 13

Had the phone for 2 years with very light use. Performed well and I liked the phone a lot. Never dropped it. Now it boots up all the way without problem but then within a second or two horizontal white lines start showing up randomly across the display, then the whole thing locks up. I'm thinking about buying a second hand android and try out the data plan but I'm a little worried the data service will end and I will have a phone with features I can't use. I'm assuming I can just swap the sim card to keep my number and minute$.

4:20 pm
January 2, 2012



posts 1107

That is the thing about Nokia phones. You need to abuse them regularly, otherwise they wilt and die on you! :D

With SIM cards, the phone numbers and account are tied to the SIM card, so you can change phones with little issue.

I have no idea of how long the data service will last. It should last for a while, Rogers is making good money out of it. I suspect someone at Rogers figured out most people will pay only so much for data, if they charge more, the subscriber rate drops dramatically. Most any other carrier in the world can make money at this rate. Why would Canadian carriers be any different?