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9:21 am
May 22, 2012



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I have a petro can sim card, also have a blackberry stormunlocked phone and a samsung galaxy 551 unlocked smart phone, both these phones work in the phone mode they rewcognise the sim card and i can receive or send phone calls, but cannot use internet or text, I have the text service with petro, is there any tech guy out there to help me set up one of these phones, as I feel I have this expensive equipment and cannot use them,

6:49 am
May 23, 2012




posts 158

I don't think the Blackberry texting service (do they call it BBS or something) will work with PetroCanada's service. Can't you just send ordinary text messages that all other phones can do? Surely your Samsung phone can send text messages.

In order to get internet access, you have to subscribe to the service. It will be an $8 add-on to your present monthly plan. Then you have to set up the correct APN info on your phone.

(I'm a Speakout user, not PetroCanada, so I'm making assumptions here.)

9:02 am
May 23, 2012




posts 768

blackberry and SO/Petro Can is the worst combination. IMO, sold it and get android/iphone/wp7