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Store Availability


8:22 am
December 7, 2008



Wouldn't you know it, just about to buy a phone from 7-11 and the last store in our city of Kingston closed its doors. I guess Petro will have to be my choice.

9:08 am
December 7, 2008




posts 576

the last store in our city of Kingston closed its doors

Consider yourself lucky then. If you had bought there before it closed you'd have had a hassle (drive to Belleville?) to buy airtime top-ups.

9:15 am
December 7, 2008



True, that would suck for sure. Petro will do fine based on what I have read.

6:51 pm
December 9, 2008



Oooh, that doesn't sound good! Just bought the $100 airtime in Oshawa, and got the free phone, Nokia 1208. Disappointed to find charging only from wall outlet, no 12V car adaptor, and none available from Nokia for tihs model phone.
BUT, just happen to have crapy tire 12 volt low wattage inverter, so can use the120V charger in the car! Just want the phone for insurance, i.e. call tow truck, or police!
Sure hope 7-11 isn't going under in the current economic plight.

7:22 pm
December 9, 2008


Niagara Falls


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Yes, it's too bad the cell phones don't come with car chargers, but that's another way Speak Out keeps it inexpensive. If you are looking for a charger for a Nokia 1208, the car charger you need is Nokia DC-4.
I recommend getting a genuine OEM charger, because there are alot of substandard generic ones out there.