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SpeakOut SIM at 7-Eleven Stores Soon!


10:42 am
August 8, 2011




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On the 7/11 FAQ – How much are SIM cards?
SpeakOut Wireless SIM cards are available in stores for $10, plus tax. And hey, if you’re feeling generous, SpeakOut Wireless SIM cards are also available to purchase for $20 through Customer Care. Just call 1-866-310-1023 and pay for it with a SpeakOut Wireless airtime voucher. All SIM card sales are final and non-refundable. New accounts created with a SIM only product have no start up balance, so airtime must be purchased separately and added to your new account.”

It's $20 , not $25 as it used to be….?? Or maybe it's a typo?

8:09 pm
August 8, 2011


Ontario, Canada


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pathfinder35 said:

It's $20 , not $25 as it used to be….?? Or maybe it's a typo?

I think previous $25 SIM card comes with $5 balance, while current $20 SIM card has no balance, so it's really the same

It's cheaper to ask someone to buy and mail a $10 SIM card

4:36 pm
August 9, 2011




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Can any one confirm that SIM cards are available to buy in the local stores in Vancouver? If yes, please tell me where to buy. I checked a few 7-Eleven stores in downtown, none of them sells it.

1:25 pm
August 10, 2011



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Yes, I just bought one from the Kingsway and Joyce location (3304 Kingsway) for $10 + tax.

5:07 pm
August 10, 2011



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I also just bought one from Victoria and East 53 in Vancouver.

6:29 am
August 14, 2011



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In Winnipeg some stores don't know what a SIM is, some do but don't have them, and some have them, such as Main just south of Inkster.

10:56 am
August 15, 2011




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I just bought mine @ the St. Anne Street 7-11 in St. Albert. They had what looked like a stack of 10. (Paid $10). Edmontonians can pick one up the next time they stop by for the farmer's market.

3:37 pm
August 18, 2011



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I 've just bought mine in 7-11 on 310, Robson Street, Vancouver. This was actually the third store I tried. Every other store I 'd tried in Downtown insisted that such a thing as a SIM card without the cell phone simply does not exist.

8:19 am
September 19, 2011



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I checked out three stores on Central Vancouver Island the other day and they all indicated that the SIM's were back ordered, but had not yet arrived. I will pick one up tomorrow when I am down in Victoria